[vcf-midatlantic] Paul Allen, 1953-2018

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>> http://www.vulcan.com/News/Articles/2018/Statement-on-Paul-G-Allen

I posted on our Facebook/Twitter last night, forgot about here.

Paul contributed much to computing and also did a lot of important
philanthropy to all of humankind.

A couple of personal notes:

I met Paul one time, by phone, in January 2006. It was an interview for my
(now defunct) email newsletter. I recall him being easy to talk to. (That's
not always the case with billionaires, as I've met a few through my day


Back in February, at the first VCF Pacific Northwest, I was told by the
executive director of LCM that Paul personally approved having our show
there and told staff to keep him informed of the updates. That news made my

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