[vcf-midatlantic] Help with RCA VIP COSMAC

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Tue Oct 30 12:55:11 EDT 2018

> Earl, I re-posted your request, to have an appropriate subject. Your
> post was buried with a bunch of other postings. Myself, I like COSMAC
> stuff, congrats on your find.

Thanks for the update Herb (you're right a better subject!)

FYI -- What the video shows is exactly what I got.... with all the manuals,
original box, etc.
(Penciled in on the box is a note about the possible memory issue.... the
person was moving
so I don't have follow on contact yet).  It had an odd video cable set up
(looks like an old BNC
network connector with a Composite Jack.  Not something I had seen
before... and that was
connected with some banana clips.

I didn't receive any expansion cards :-(
Nor an expansion interface...:-(

The VIP is popular among COSMAC (RCA 1802 processor) enthusiasts. You
> will find other owners in the Yahoo cosmacelf discussion group.

Great, thanks for that pointer...

Of course, spend time with what you got, and find out what's actually
> going on with it. Then look for chips by model number to see if you can
> find it or them. Much of the fun I have with this stuff, is in figuring
> it out myself. But it's also fun to discuss repair and parts, once
> details are established.

My first fairly quick question is :It's got the original RCA power supply.
I can test it (I don't have a scope though) but wanted to know what
people's experiences
were with them, do they tend to hold up?  (I know that I don't run
Commodore VIC and 64's without
a long test of any original power supplies...had and know of too many
issues with them)

I've also got to figure out how this video cable is supposed to be set
up... one of the banana clips
was off on one end...not sure if it was supposed to be connected or what.

It also came with a number of tapes (which I suspect contain some saved
programs...) so also
have to figure out how the tape player connects.   I haven't found a manual
with general set up
yet.... most are all about the chip and assembly listings for it.    I've
not gone thru them all yet.

The video was helpful in learning more about it (was interesting to see
that it had audio options
and color board!)   It didn't show it running, so I've still got to figure
that out...
Would really like to find the Tiny Basic card for this...


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