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> Subject: Slightly OT - Favorite computer movie
> Date: April 1, 2019 at 12:07:14 AM EDT
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> I was poking around my Apple TV tonight and spotted a movie I never got to see called “the computer wears tennis shoes” - a 1969 Disney movie with Kurt Russel about a mainframe. I put it on my short list to watch on a rainy day.
> It got me thinking...we all know the staple computer movies like Wargames and Weird Science, Lawnmower man, Matrix etc. 
> Whats your favorite “computer” movie? Can be current or ancient, modern or mainframe. A one liner about why you chose it would be cool too.

Mine is probably still WarGames. It actually still has a lot of real life applicability: the mad rush to automation and workforce reduction with insufficiently-proven technology resulting in near disaster, poorly-secured network connections and OSINT leading to breaches by bored teenagers, etc. It's all still quite relevant. It's also a great reminder of how mind-bogglingly insane the late Cold War was on all sides.

Sneakers is also still pretty good. Hackers is amusing, if maybe a bit overly campy, but it has strong accolades from folks who were actually in the scene back in the day, so I have some respect for it (and the soundtrack is pretty great).

- Dave

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