[vcf-midatlantic] VCF East consignment - anybody interested in these items?

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Very useful. Thanks Corey.  This will help me plan the weekend.  Sure wish I could just be there the whole time!


Hope I can make something happen (and hope I can attend some of VCF!).  I’ve got a lot of stuff in the storage unit and would like to lighten my load, and give some VCF’ers new “toys”!  Of course, I understand the need to pick up any unsold items by the end of the event…  thanks again!


*	Glenn



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    I’m not sure consignment will be ready for drop off on Friday morning, we can wait for Evan to chime in, but by Friday at 5:00pm people will be dropping off.  You don’t have to be here all weekend for consignment, but if your unsold stuff isn’t out by 7:00pm on Sunday it will go in the dumpster (unless it’s a Cray or PDP-10, which will be given away to the person who offers the most beer).   VCF does not want to keep people’s unsold items. 


For pricing, you set your price at the beginning, VCF takes 15%, but covers all credit card/PayPal fees which allows people not to carry so much cash.  If your onsite, you can change your prices on Sunday morning and at 3:00pm Sunday.  This keeps people from going crazy changing prices all weekend.   If your exhibiting or leave your mobile on your consignment sheet, we can let people call your mobile to ask questions, but for if they bargain with you and you want to change the price for them, VCF would like you onsite to confirm in person the price was changed.  


I hope that explains it all,




corey cohen
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Can someone say a bit about the rules for the consignment area?  As luck would have it, I need to go get my son from college that weekend so I may miss much (nearly all?) of VCF but I have some items that I'd like to put out at consignment if that could work. It would literally be a drive-by/drop-off on the way north (e.g. Friday AM?).  I am hoping I could at least salvage part of Sunday as a day to attend VCF (plan details still TBD) on the way back home.

Is it pretty much a requirement that the seller be on premises during the whole event?  People post fixed prices? No negotiation?  I'm sure there's a requirement to be there at the end to reclaim any unsold merchandise of course.  Would it even be workable for me to have merchandise in consignment and not be there Friday and Saturday?

Any other rules of the consignment area would be most useful to know.   Sorry, last year was my first at VCF and I didn't get to experience much at the consignment area.


- Glenn

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these items?


So I’m starting to think what I’d like to get rid of to make more room at



Would anyone be interested in the following items?


BTW: I know people will say, depends on price, well that part I will think

about so it’s fair not fire-sale pricing, this is more of should I drag this stuff

down question.  Some of you know I recently broke my shoulder blade falling

off a ladder so I will have to have someone bring these items for me since I

can’t carry a lot, so I don’t want to drag them down for nothing.


- Sony 42” plasma computer monitor (no screen burn) circa 1999 with Dual

VGA input, composite and component/BNC composite input  Actually works

with Apple II+.  No stand since it never had one, only included wall mount.


- ADM 5 terminal with service manual. Fully working.


- Decitek high speed paper tape reader (parallel interface), works also as

normal reader without reels, I had this connected to my ALTAIR Parallel card

using a latch of simple TTL chips to handle the strobe and data lines.


- Vectrex with multi-cart cartridge (cartridge has every vectrex game they

made and also has a really good asteroids arcade knock off which also gets

the audio right)



Let me know what/if I should bring down to VCF East.






corey cohen

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