[vcf-midatlantic] The Grey Wall

Glenn Roberts glenn.f.roberts at gmail.com
Fri Apr 5 17:03:58 EDT 2019

Wow. Thanks for the memories.  Those were wonderful manuals.  Confession: I
go back a little further to the Orange Wall!  Hope these can find a home...

And (second confession) I had never explored archive.org.  amazing!  I no
longer feel guilty about the boxes of floppies, CD ROMs and computer
magazines I've tossed over the years.  Incredible what's there!  I just lost
an hour of my life flipping through the old Byte and Microcomputing images!


- glenn

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> If there is SERIOUS interest I can arrange a rescue mission.
> Chances are it's all on Bitsavers or archive.org but there's something to
> said for a legit Grey Wall O' VMS.
> --
> Jameel Akari

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