[vcf-midatlantic] Museum report

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Sun Apr 7 18:36:23 EDT 2019

Good day! Two groups of visitors: an older couple who both worked at Bell
Labs in the 1960s-1980s, and two college women who wanted to learn about
programming. They all got full tours.

Martin, his son, and yours truly all worked on our security cameras and
related networking upgrades. All four cameras work now, and their live
video is displayed on a monitor near our office desk. The monitor changes
cameras every 30 seconds; Martin will try to get us a newer system showing
all the cameras simultaneously in different windows. We will also install
two more cameras at some point -- maybe as soon as two weeks from now. A
longer-term project is to actually record video, not just have live streams.

Sometime before VCF East I'm going to put up a prominent "You're on camera"

Martin also gave us a newer Ubiquiti wireless access point to replace our
older Cisco unit. Where the Cisco one was a big hassle to install, even for
experienced IT folks, the Ubiquiti device was super easy: did it myself in
a few mouse clicks. It's on top of our network rack. Steve A. is coming by
next Wednesday to relocate it to the ceiling where the Cisco one currently
resides. I don't do ladders. :)

With the new AP up-and-running, I disabled the wifi section of our Internet
modem. That device now ONLY gives us Internet access and connects directly
to our firewall. That's how it should be!

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