[vcf-midatlantic] Workshop Info Important VCF Repair & Signup April 13 & 14, 2019

Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Mon Apr 8 12:36:17 EDT 2019

As a reminder the workshop is $10 *per* person, *per* day. Sorry this is
InfoAge's rule and not our decision. So that means for two days it is $20.

Sign up quickly to guarantee a table.

DATE: April 13 & 14, 2019


InfoAge Building 9032A - (2201 Marconi Road, Wall Township, NJ)

Start about 10 A.M. on Saturday and ends whenever we go to sleep.
End about 5 P.M. on Sunday. (Starts around 10 A.M. Sunday morning)


- $10 per person, PER day. This is required by InfoAge for us to pay for
renting the space.

- $25 for those wanting to stay overnight (Money goes to InfoAge).

Please pay me when you get there so that I don't forget and then have to
spend time chasing you down.

Credit cards accepted. I will be using VCF's PayPal Here tablet with
bluetooth credit card machine.

OVERNIGHT: Bring your own pillow, blankets, soap etc. We provide a bed
frame and an uncovered mattress. There are showers and a kitchen for your

- You can pay via PayPal to paypal at vcfed.org. or to me via cash or credit
card in person.


- VCF will provide a table and you can use any available electrical outlet.
- Bring your own tools, power strips, power cords, and supplies etc.

- If you need particular tools that you don't know or particular parts,
please post to the list for those going. They may have what you need. Let
them know ahead of time.

- Please bring an extra one or two power cords as these are often forgotten
by people.

You should bring your own. I would recommend bringing a cooler of some

You provide your own. We usually order pizza, subs or go out to a dinner
and everyone pays their own way. Usually, we make a decision when everyone
gets hungry.

During the hours from 1 pm to 5 pm close the front gate behind you. We want
museum visitors to go to the front lobby and not wander through the middle
of the campus. Outside of those times, you can feel free to leave the gate

Park across from 9032 or 9010A on any blacktop area. InfoAge doesn't like
us parking on the lawn anymore.


Contact Evan :  646-546-9999 or evan at vcfed.org

or myself (Jeff) : 732-759-1783 or jeffrey at vcfed.org

Have fun everyone!
Jeff Brace
Vice President
Vintage Computer Federation

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