A fragment of early British computer history is up for sale.

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A fragment of early British computer history is up for sale.


A Ferranti Pegasus Computer Plug-In Package Unit, English, c.1960, with an aluminium label for ‘FERRANTI 07-p-00730’, wired pre-printed electronic circuit board (module) with components to one side and wiring to the other, with 3 glass valves to the top below the handle to unplug the board Note: The Ferranti Pegasus mark 1 (first named the FPC I -Ferranti Package Computer) was developed in the early 1950s and is still considered one of the outstanding feats of electrical engineering for its time. It was a valve operated mainframe with a 48 register immediate access store which used nickel delay lines. It had a magnetic drum store initially with a 4K word capacity which was later increased to 7K . Pegasus was considered the first “user-friendly” computer, and about forty Pegasus systems were sold, between 1956 and 1962, with scores of programmers and users of the machine commenting on the ease of programming and operation, in spite of the fact that data input and output is via 5-track punched-paper tape. There was no typewriter keyboard or display screen

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