[vcf-midatlantic] Univac repairs at Workshop

Bill Dromgoole drummy at comcast.net
Sun Apr 14 19:44:26 EDT 2019

I made an emergency trip to the Museum today.
I wanted to make sure the Univac system was operable for VCF-East

Worked on Univac paper tape reader in the 1532 I/O console.. Rang out all the wires, measured the capacitors etc.
When done it was working again. Maybe something in the wire harness?
Who knows. It works again. I didn’t replace anything.

Loaded punch tape we made last time at the six day workshop. Good load, clear al and au.
Ran program and got bad punch tape.
Replaced the card Duane suggested with a 2014 from the warehouse.
Now it seems to work.

Loaded the Mk-152 diagnostic program and computer still has same channel 17 problem.
But the demonstration procedure is still the same for the docents.
It works about 95%

Didn’t have time to work on ASR-35 teletype but it seemed to work ok.

A day well spent.


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