[vcf-midatlantic] Apache question (museum intranet server)

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Sun Apr 14 20:28:00 EDT 2019

Today I picked out an unloved modern PC from our collection (from the 
ones donated back at Festivus) and turned it into our museum intranet 
server. It runs Linux and the latest version of Apache.

I didn't touch the stock configuration files: it just magically worked 
after I gave the server a static IP and stuff.

Here is the question ... SHOULD any of the stock config files be 
changed? All this server will do is offer rather primitive .htm files 
for the info kiosks. It's not going to face anything external, although 
it does connect through our firewall so its software can be updated. 
There is no need to remotely manage it. Can/should I just leave the 
stock config alone, or should anything be changed for security, 
performance, etc.?

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