[vcf-midatlantic] Drive repairs, was Hard drive art

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Sun Apr 21 22:46:55 EDT 2019

> I have a couple Macintosh external drives that aren't working properly.
> Would it be the right venue to bring them to VCF East to the class? Or
> should I wait for a repair workshop?
> Thanks,
>   Eric,  chesapeaketechie @...

I deal in Apple Macintosh SCSI drives. I (and others here) can give you 
some hints about making these run a while longer. Contact me after 
VCF-East and say hello at the show! I'll be a vendor.


PS: I'm a little busy with VCF-E prep, to follow these drive repair/art 
discussions. Glad people care! There's a lot of work going on in 
hard-drive recovery. David Gesswein is very modest about his MFM 
emulator; it's extracting good data from bad drives, and David et al are 
working hard to support oddball drive controllers's oddball formats. 
Dave McGuire talks about servo tracks... I have buddies struggling with 
those on 8-inch hard drives.

This is how engineers do vintage computing. Makes me hungry for silicon 
and iron oxide ....


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