[vcf-midatlantic] Museum report

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Thu Apr 25 00:47:48 EDT 2019

Busy day! I got to the museum around 11am and stayed to 11pm.

We had a good amount of visitors today. Several families came through, 
including a few engineers.

Jeff B. and I worked on VCF East preparation between the visitors.

After-hours, I made good progress on our new info kiosk. I used 
aeronautical-grade velcro (thank you Martin) to attach one of the micro 
form-factor PCs to the back of the 27" touchscreen monitor, configured 
all the OpenKiosk software settings, and learned how to connect from our 
office PC to the web server with SSH (thank you Bill Dudley for the 
telephone tech support). I know SSH is very secure, but afterward I 
decided to put FTP on the web server because (don't kill me) I prefer a 
point-and-click way to move files. Then I spent an hour or two on the 
kiosk content. Got the main template finished. All that's left to do is 
update a few content pages, tie back the kiosk cabling, and hang a sign 
from the ceiling pointing to the kiosk. Probably another 2 hours total 
and then it will be done.

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