[vcf-midatlantic] Semi-OT: Re: This weekend

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Fri Apr 26 17:12:28 EDT 2019

>>> You go Evan!  Best of luck in the marathon.
>> Thanks Pete! It is my third one, but the first since 2015. If it were 
>> a 5K then I'd just pick a different one; those are held all over the 
>> place practically every weekend. Marathons are harder to come by... 
>> the funny part is it normally takes a week-ish to get my legs back 
>> after running 26.2. This time I have two days and then we start 
>> setting up for VCF East. :)
> I used to run a double century (210 miles) bike ride for a local 
> bicycle club. One day I get a call from a NJ runner wondering if he 
> can do it running. I was left dumb founded as I couldn't figure out 
> where he'd find logging in 2 sections of our ride (largest gap is 
> about 50 miles between towns). I don't know if he did it but I did 
> share the route with him.

"Ultrarunning" is a whole other sport. I know several people that exist 
in both worlds. The entry-level ultra is 50K, then it goes 50M, 100K, 
100M. Some of my friends do the 100M distance. Now THEY are crazy! :)  
But even they wouldn't fathom double that distance.

If I reach my marathon time goal this weekend (I missed it last time I 
ran one), then a 50K is one of my next goals.

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