[vcf-midatlantic] Funny story

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Tue Apr 30 13:36:20 EDT 2019

> Dean Notarnicola:  I pinned a [VCF-E] brochure to the corkboard on Nassau St a few weeks ago. I wonder if that what he saw?
> Jeff Salzman  wrote: That's certainly a lot more effective, and cheaper, than pinning VCF business cards to $20 bills and scattering them along the boardwalk. :D
> Dean: I stopped doing that. It was eating into my floppy disk fund.
> [exchange about fake non-fake currency]

These seem like jokes, fake history. But in fact, when I was at the 
Dayton Hamfest one year in the 1990's, an airplane flew over the event 
and dropped flyers - with real $1 bills attached! I saw the airplane, 
saw the drop, grabbed a few flyers; so there's no doubt.

Of course, people forget that "catching eyeballs" is a source of income 
on the Web. Google reported billions of dollars just today, income from 
selling ads and Web-search placements. So: money gets spent on 
advertizing; and location matters.


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