[vcf-midatlantic] VCF East Consignment Room Selling

Jim Scheef js at sdf.org
Tue Apr 30 14:13:50 EDT 2019

Do you have stuff to sell in the Consignment Room? Now is the time to get organized.

1. Download the forms: http://vcfed.org/consignment/Consignment%20Sale%20Sheet.pdf All of the forms are in one PDF. Use Acrobat to separate them and make copies as needed.
2. All of the forms are fillable using Adobe Acrobat and probably other PDF programs. Filling the forms online makes them easier to read, reduces errors and speeds up check-in. After your forms are completed, print two copies, so you have a record.
3. Guidelines (newly revised) for using these forms are here: 
4. Make signs for your stuff. You won’t be around to answer questions, so: What is it? Does it work? What are the specs? The price on the sign must agree with the price on the listing form; if not the price on the form wins.
5. Pricing: VCF has a reputation for fair prices. That’s why lots of stuff sells. 
6. You can lower your price on Sunday morning and again late Sunday afternoon. 
7. If you negotiate a deal with a buyer, both buyer and seller must come to the Consignment desk together. Let me know what you agreed; VCF will collect the money in the normal manner.
8. Remember every item MUST have your Consignor Tag Identification (letter code) and the line number from your "Individual Item Sales Sheet". Apply a piece of painter's tape to each item at home leaving room for your Consignor Tag Identification.

Free advice:
•  Do you find eBay prices are frequently too high? Price accordingly.
•  Good signs bring good sales.

Jim Scheef
Consignment Room Deity 

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