[vcf-midatlantic] Anyone Near Vernon, NY Interested in an Apple IIe and Monitor?

J. Alexander Jacocks jjacocks at gmail.com
Thu Aug 1 10:36:37 EDT 2019


I received this, from a fellow KansasFest attendee:

I just got a call from a friend who has extended family  (son’s in-laws)
> who live in Mount Vernon NY- (close to New York City).  Sounds like they
> are cleaning up accumulated stuff due to a death in the family. They have
> come across an Apple IIe and monitor that they would like to get rid of.  I
> was asked for suggestions on what to do with it.
> I don’t think that they are willing to ship, and don’t know if they want
> to sell it or just find it a good home and keep it away from the
> electronics recycler. I doubt they are interested in eBay. Possibly Craig's
> List or maybe donation to Goodwill or other charity.
> Is there anyone in the group that would be interested in this item?  I
> doubt that it has any special cards, but I assume it also has 5.25 inch
> disk drives and maybe software and printer.  If you are interested, provide
> me with your contact information. Let me know if you are interested in
> buying (at what price), or only acquiring for free.
> I get the impression that an effort free transaction is what is desired.
> No interest in packing and shipping for a few dollars. I may be able to get
> more specific information about what is being offered if there is an
> interest.
> I will not be involved as I live on the west coast (Santa Clara  CA).

If anyone is interested, please let me know, and I'll put you in contact.

- Alex

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