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Mon Aug 5 12:02:18 EDT 2019

Isn’t he a captain of some pirate ship?

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> > As some of you know, I’m fighting Leukemia and have promised my wife to
> clean out some of the stuff in my collection that I’ll probably never use
> again, so I’m offering it to the group for free.  As some of you also know,
> I was an early emplyee at Franklin Computer Corporation and  maintained a
> friendship with one of the founders.  A few years ago he asked if I could
> take some of his software collection and find a home for it.  Joel worked a
> lot of deals and got some early releases of code for possible inclusion in
> Franklin products.  Some of these items might never have been released,
> others might be very common.
> >
> > I started pulling boxes to attemp an inventory, but there’s just too
> much stuff.  Let’s just say there are at least four boxes of Apple II era
> software.  One of the cooler finds was original documentation (in padded
> binders) and disks for the Microsoft Softcard.  I did not see the Z80 card
> but it might be in one of the boxes.
> >
> > One unique item is a Lazer 128 with a history.  Joel had met with the
> President of Lazer at one point and they exchanged their current products.
> Ie, a Franklin was given to Lazer, and a Lazer 128 was given to Franklin.
> I have that Lazer and it’s part of the package.  If you’re into collecting
> Apple clones, this machine is unique.
> >
> > I also have a Commodore 1541.  Supposedly worked when I got it, never
> used it myself.
> >
> > There is some sort of Apple compatible plotter on a shelf here.  If that
> looks interesting, it’s yours too.
> >
> >
> > Constraints:
> >
> > * The Lazer was given tto me, so I’d really prefer a collector take it,
> NOT see if on eBay, but I obviously can;t control this.
> > * I have not driven since May so I can not meet you someplace.  Pickup
> is in Medford NJ.  I will not ship this; very heavy.
> > * The good part is I’m home all day so can work around your schedule for
> pick-up.
> > * I’d prefer one person take all, but am open to breaking things up.
> Update for everyone ... Tony is going there tomorrow, he'll get what he
> can, and the museum will have first choice. Tony will then distribute in
> a fair way to group members. We all trust him.
> --
Jeff Brace
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