AT&T Dataphone - Modem or "Service"?

Jeff G jeffg at
Thu Aug 8 17:25:19 EDT 2019

Thanks Jeff/Neil/others! Yeah I did some more research myself and it seems
that it was basically a brand for all the various lines and hardware. There
was a monitoring service offered as well (wonders just how much you can
monitor a line at 2400 baud) under the same brand name.

I'll have to post some pictures sometime - I have/had a ton of the outlet
strips from those server cabinets, and my uncle got a bunch of the aluminum
paneling from the front doors of the cabinets (some silver some wood
grained) that he used around his house that is still there (complete with

And as a side note - I found an interesting tidbit about a Dataphone modem
having kill someone due to a failing capacitor:  (I definitely
remember seeing these in the piles amongst all the dataphone stuff, but
most of the stuff in the server cabinets were the smaller modem units).

Jeff (aka Bags)

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