[vcf-midatlantic] Apple II, North Carolina run go get it

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Thanks, that’s a big help!  I’ll ask for more pix.  Am I hoping for S/N below 60k?  And what P/Ns would be silk-screened on a desirable II board?


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>> Tony and Corey can give better answers, but the short version is: yes.
>> Straight IIs are going for four figures, sometimes five for the best among
>> them.
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>>> Honest question (I?m not an Apple II guy), is that a fair price if fully
>>> functional?
> Honestly if it?s truly an original II it?s a decent price regardless of what vintage it is.
> Without being able to see the bottom plate and the inside, there?s no way to know if it?s an early II that just had the keyboard replaced (was very common) a late/later model II that may have the red and white serial label (serial number ~60,000 and higher) or an Apple II+ with an Apple II lid (also not uncommon in today?s world)
> More info is needed before any real determination can be made, but unless it?s a II+ with a II lid/badge, then the price can be good to excellent depending on what?s inside/underneath.
> If it?s a II+ with a II lid the price is high.
> Tony 

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