[vcf-midatlantic] Update: Unix demo @ Bell Labs changed to ** Oct. 22 **

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Sun Aug 11 19:31:24 EDT 2019

>> This is tentative / not yet 100%: Bell Labs (at the historic Murray 
>> Hill, NJ location) is planning a Unix event on Wednesday, June 5. 
>> They invited us to do a mini-version of Unix Town that afternoon.
> It's official now, and it's delayed. The event is Wednesday, October 23

I heard back from BL. They provided another update: now it's a two-day 
event (22/23) and we are invited to exhibit on the afternoon of the 22nd.

I'm waiting to hear more about the electrical power situation.


> and VCF is invited to have demos there. I visited this morning and saw 
> the space where we'll be. We can fit about 10 tables. There is a 
> freight elevator and we don't have to deal with any stairs. They are 
> looking into 220V in case we need that.
> This is NOT a public event: it's invitation-only. VCF can bring a 
> finite number of people. I don't yet have an exact number but right 
> now the offer is for people who can do VCF East-style booths. BL will 
> be setting up their own exhibit in the same room. There will also be 
> speeches by BL alums (presumably including Ken, Brian, etc.) and there 
> will be lab tours (we're welcome to take part; I've already had the 
> tour a couple of times over the years.)
> Hours are not yet set. You should expect to need the whole day off work.
> Sign up here: https://tinyurl.com/y5wnuzs9
> We'll also have a dress code for this event. Yes I know it's not in 
> the spirit of Unix greybeards :) but everyone should wear khakis (or 
> better) and a collared shirt (ideally a VCFed polo; not MARCH; Jeff B. 
> can speak to our remaining inventory of VCFed shirts). We are guests 
> of Bell Labs and we should look professional.

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