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Connector spacing is actually 0.125" (1/8 inch) :) We'd considered using 0.1" dual row headers for the edge connector breakout, it's still an option but not one I think we're likely to go with.

The purpose of laying out a new prototype board was to get useful pad-per-hole in production. If you want patterns, you can still buy various DEC board shapes from Douglas Electronics, most/all of which have various IC and power patterns on them. In addition to basically being a "style choice," pad-per-hole is the only thing you can use for e.g. PLCC or PGA packages. We figured it's better to make one truly universal board and get the cost down by being able to do at least *some* quantity on the production run, than having a bunch of different designs that all get ran in small and expensive batches. Plus, there's the layout time.


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well, my 2 cents. I really love the kinds of protoboards that have power rails running either on the outside or under rows of chips. And I really love having 3 (or more) pads per connection. Like these. Probably much harder to create, but I never liked doing prototyping using 1-hole pads. 3 or 4 hold pads make building circuits so much easier, IMHO.

Some examples:



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Connor Krukosky and I have been working on laying out a new quad-height DEC
protoboard, which can also be sheared down into a dual-height board. Full
announce on the VC Forums:


These should be available within a month or so. I'll be putting up a
preorder soon to gauge interest in the production run, which as usual will
have hard gold plating on the edge connectors. I haven't gotten a quote for
the cost, but I expect them to be $30-40 each for production boards.
They'll be available at VCF Midwest as well as online!


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