[vcf-midatlantic] LGR video - Exploring a MASSIVE Retro Computer Warehouse!

David K davekre17 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 16 12:27:04 EDT 2019

Not sure if anyone saw this.  It is a video of a guy on YouTube exploring a
now mostly-closed place called "Computer Reset".  It looks to be a place
where they repaired computers as well as bought old computers and more.
Some of the stuff is vintage stuff new in box.  It puts Kemner's to shame.

They are open to collector's and in the last part of the video they mention
an apparent willingness to give/sell things to museums so I thought I would
pass this along.  If nothing else it is very interesting to watch.

The catch is it is near Dallas, TX so that likely makes it a non-starter
for most.  But I believe there is a VCF-midwest who might be made aware of
it.  Enjoy!

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