[vcf-midatlantic] Pet with 9" screen

Tony Bogan thebogans at mac.com
Mon Aug 19 14:15:03 EDT 2019

>>> Anyway...  I'm seriously thinking about taking a 9" LCD panel with a
>>> composite input and wiring up a composite converter circuit to the
>>> internal video connector on the board.  I would dismount the CRT tube
>>> and put the LCD in in its place.  Of course, I'll preserve the removed
>>> parts for posterity... but does this offend your sense of vintage
>>> stuff?  Personally, it seems practical to me since I'd like to do some
>>> things with the PET...  and the CRT is a potential major source of
>>> problems in addition to an energy hog/heat source.
>>> THoughts?

Doesn’t offend my sense of vintage at all. I use several different types of modern replacement parts (screens, drive emulators, accelerators etc that are newly manufactured) for my daily drivers and test machines. Personally I love the mix of old and new parts on vintage stuff. I like having my original machines. I’m especially partial to real floppies. I primarily use my modern drive emulators to get disk images to real floppies.

That being said, some machines that I play with regularly I prefer to have certain parts be modern replacements that are not going to require lots of attention and repairs/replacement. Putting an lcd into a crt case has been done successfully for a few specific Apple monitors by a couple people and they turned out great and I’ve a longevity (and provide a lighter lid for transport!!) that the old CRTs just can’t offer.

I prefer using ones that are physically damaged and cannot be fixed (broken tubes)


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