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Tony Bogan thebogans at mac.com
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“That’s what I was told, but the reality is that I don’t get called on to volunteer at all anymore and used to be called on every other week or so. “

Not everyone is appropriate for every job that needs doing. I also don’t always wait to be called but will reach out when I have available time and see if any help is needed. Sometimes it’s things I’m not “qualified” to help with!! (Not my area of expertise)

“ I don’t feel comfortable going to workshops when I haven’t even been involved.  And my knowledge of vintage tech is not as great as my interest, so I rarely can participate in forums.”

That one I understand, but that’s also on you too. Involvement and amount of other participation has nothing to do with workshops. People come to workshops when they can and when they want to. Sometimes to fix stuff, sometimes to learn, sometimes (more often than not) to do both!!

My knowledge of vintage tech was very limited when I started with VCF, especially because it relied on my memory from stuff I did 30-40 years earlier! (Not the most reliable for sure!) As time has passed I’ve learned tons, but my focus is still very limited compared to many others. My background is a user and I have no experience in electrical, programming, engineering, etc.

What I know now (still extremely limited) has been from getting involved in workshops and learning on my own as well.

Best advice I can give you is to be more proactive and seek out involvement instead of waiting to be asked. That, and perhaps reach out to those that organize the various events (workshops, warehouse work, etc) directly as opposed to a generic airing of perceived grievances on the main list. In my experience Evan, Jeff, Corey and Dean are always ready to talk.

Just my .02


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