[vcf-midatlantic] Welcome newbs!

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Mon Aug 19 19:46:03 EDT 2019

> thinking i really really don’t belong here.  i liked volunteering and learning but seems since there is another girl coming to things, I have been sorta cast aside.  I have been told it’s scheduling conflicts, but my schedule issues are the same as always so....

I don't think this should be a list discussion, but since you brought it 
up, I will reply.

Everyone knows that weekends (usually Saturdays), sometimes on 
Wednesdays, and very rarely other times are when I'm at the museum. For 
the last year-ish you made it clear that Saturdays/Wednesdays generally 
do not work for you.

My schedule is less flexible as of last week due to my new job 
(conventional M-F/9-5 although I may sometimes get Wed. for working 

You also asked about working in the museum/warehouse solo. Access to the 
keys and the trust/responsibility of working there solo is reserved 
senior members who've proven themselves. Also most of the jobs require a 
lot of knowledge about computer history.

There is absolutely no personal reason behind any of this, and all are 
welcome in our group ... even Corey (back at ya, dude)...

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