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Thanks Jeff.

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> Best advice I can give you is to be more proactive and seek out
> involvement instead of waiting to be asked. That, and perhaps reach out to
> those that organize the various events (workshops, warehouse work, etc)
> directly as opposed to a generic airing of perceived grievances on the main
> list. In my experience Evan, Jeff, Corey and Dean are always ready to talk.


I'm sorry that you feel that you don't belong here. That is a terrible
feeling. I hope that you can talk to Evan, Corey or myself privately and
clarify what you are feeling.
We do what we can to accommodate volunteers, but sometimes schedules don't
line up.
You are always welcome to come to a workshop, even if it is only to watch.
There are many people that are new or not as savvy technically that will
come and watch at the workshops before they try something themselves. There
are always other members at the repair workshops that are helpful friendly
and willing to teach someone else.
You are also invited to Festivus which is December 7.
I feel that our group is open to anyone and very tolerable of different
quirks. Heck I've put up with Evan for 11 years and *everyone* knows what
he's like ;) And by the way he's a dog person, but he's starting to see the
light and know that cats are better than dogs.

Jeff Brace
Vice President
Vintage Computer Federation

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