[vcf-midatlantic] August Repair Day - Sat Report from Member

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Mon Aug 26 07:43:16 EDT 2019

andy diller via vcf-midatlantic <vcf-midatlantic at lists.vcfed.org>
>Ok, the Saturday Repair Day was a blast. Here are some photos and notes
>= from the show. 
>A lot of people showed up, a lot of projects got done and we had a =
>wonderful evening barbecue outside as well. If anyone took a photo of =
>that, please pass it along, I was too busy eating and drinking to take =
>any photos. We had a couple of new members show up and it was a nice =
>time getting to know them during the day as well as over food. Some =
>equipment was given away and some new donations to the Museum also. =20 
>Photos I took are here: 
>https://imgur.com/gallery/X2o83iM <https://imgur.com/gallery/X2o83iM> 
>Items to consider- 
>1. Serial box. JasonP's amazing serial box (Smart Cable SC821 Plus) let
>= me connect the MicroVax to a VT term- without it i wouldn't have had
>the = proper cabling to do it. This is a buy from me. =
>https://www.smart-cable.com/catalog?action=3Ddisplay&key=3D102 =
><https://www.smart-cable.com/catalog?action=3Ddisplay&key=3D102> I've
>found it on ebay for $10-50 (just got one on ebay w/ cables for = $40). 


There should be a cache of these in the warehouse.

Andy Goldstein donated his MicroVAX-II from the DEC museum to MARCH/VCF.
I picked it up at MRO and delivered it to Infoage.  There was a cable on
its console port.  The MicroVAX-II had been on display at one time but I
believe that it too has been relocated/retired to the warehouse.  It had
DEC property tags as well as other identifying marks that it belonged to
Andy.  If you don't know who Andy Goldstein is/was, too bad for you.

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