[vcf-midatlantic] workshop sign up?

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Didnt see this come through and I wanted to thank everyone so here it goes again. Apologies if it actually had gone through previously...


??Hey Alex, Jonathan S., Jason and everyone at VCF, thanks for helping make the microvax transfer happen very smoothly. Special thanks to Bill for a very enlightening univac demo, to Dave G. for a pdp-8 demo and special thanks to Evan for a wonderful tour of the facilitites! I only wish i had more time to devote to this great hobby.

Best regards

Eugene W2HX

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I'll make sure to hold the machine for you.

- Alex

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Hello folks going to the workshop this weekend...

Andy D. is bringing two microvaxes on saturday. I am hoping to acquire one of them. Problem is that he is going saturday and I can only go on sunday.

Is there anyone who is planning to stay overnight who is willing to take custody of one of the microvaxes overnight until I can arrive on sunday? Otherwise I am told that nothing may be left overnight and therefore I would be out of luck to try to acquire said microvax.

any help appreciated.

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Welcome Eugene!
You are very welcome to attend and observe
Just keep in mind that everyone pays $10 each because we rent the room from

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> Can someone point me to the sign up sheet to attend sunday's repair
> workshop? I don't need a table, I just want to attend and observe. I looked
> on the VCF website for the VFC east but didn't see the event listed.
> thanks
> Eugene W2HX

Jeff Brace
Vice President
Vintage Computer Federation

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