[vcf-midatlantic] Problems we face as collectors/curators: The last lesson of Bob Pease

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Mon Aug 26 16:01:49 EDT 2019

> The last lesson of Bob Pease, may well be as suggested in the title of 
> the article: "What is this stuff, anyhow?". What's to be done - if 
> anything - with artifacts of technical work and products? Do they have 
> value? What do they mean? Can they inform us, or simply amuse us, or 
> do they just get in the way?

This is why, when giving museum tours, I focus hard on explaining the 
"so what" instead of technical specifications. Other than storage (how 
many of these doodads are needed to make one modern memory cards), most 
of our visitors couldn't care less about speed, memory, or whatever 
else. They want to know what is this thing and why should I care. If you 
don't make that point early, then you lose them.

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