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> http://www.retrotechnology.com/herbs_stuff/vcf19_laptops.txt
> With a mix of annoyance and trepidation, I present the list of items I
> will cram into my little Toyota and bring to


Festivus. I request half a
> table, please.


> I request half a table, because 1) is there any space left? 2) I have a
> plan. I'll do as Doug Crawford suggests: leave the grot in my car to

2 tables left. Now 1.

> reduce the clutter and my backache. Bring items in as interests merit.
> Bring them back to my car when interest abates. Not passing judgement,
> but the sheer volume of items (and my old man's back) suggests to me
> this is a plausible strategy.

Good idea.

> Those of you, who are particularly excited about a thing, can email me
> personally and let me know: name a price. I suggest some prices for
> items less common. A working laptop has some utility, if only as a
> terminal for file transfer.
> In twenty years, I'll tell whoever listens to me, "I once sold a
> Thinkpad for a bottle of beer; now it's worth a bottle of water! Curses!
> Who knew?" Help feed my narrative.


> regards and best of the holidays,
> Herb Johnson


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