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I will talk to the committee about better lighting.   As for magnification, not sure how to accomplish that.  The poster is rather big already.  Maybe something as simple as an actual magnifying glass attached to a cable so it doesn’t walk off?

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> On Dec 8, 2019, at 11:54 PM, Neil Cherry via vcf-midatlantic <vcf-midatlantic at lists.vcfed.org> wrote:
> When mentioning the nice new Processor poster on Saturday I'd like to note that a
> visitor said it was pretty but was so small it was impossible to read. While he
> was older than I am I have to agree that I'd need really good glasses to see the
> processors. 2 suggestions, if we can we may want to see if we can get brighter
> lighting on posters and perhaps some way of magnifying the poster. BTW, the
> poster is very cool.
> Someone said they had a CoCo 1 case, please contact me at ncherry at linuxha.com. I
> am interested.
> On the boards I had with me at Festivus, the Motorola Boards do not have DAT
> (Digital Address translation) but it may be possible to add them with a bit of
> digital trickery. I'm researching this now.
> Dean did you have the information on the connectors for the EXORbus? I did a
> a search of ebay and found 2 devices but not the connectors.
> David Weins (of Sardis Technology fame) shared some documentation on the
> Motorola Modules. I now have most of the memory map for one of the boards
> I had there. He's also shared information on a CMS MPU board (not at Festivus)
> and his Sardis ST2900s (also not as Festivus).
> On the subject of conservation do we have a guide? I think that last word was
> this was being worked on. I've got the normal questions on copyright and how
> we copy some things like documentation in book form (assuming we have permission).
> I have lots of loose pages I can convert to PDF from my multi-function printer.
> But I don't want to shred a manual in book form. I've also data manuals from the
> 1980s that are several inches thick. It would be nice to know how to resize the
> pages to pf. And Herb and I discussed briefly copying from a book with a special
> device made for books that takes photos with a camera.
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