Post Festivus: Thank You!

svcatitc at svcatitc at
Mon Dec 9 09:18:47 EST 2019

To all the management, docents, setup and pulldown crews who made 2019 Festivus a success:  MANY Thank You's for your efforts.And to all to donated home cooked food,   Many Thank You's for the great taste.
To all who participated with thoughtful and insightful input to the spontaneous "town hall" meeting we had Saturday night, thank you.  Also.   I was watching the clock as the conversation progressed and noted to myself, "this is great and unprecedented!", as we have not spent a good 2+ hours discussing the future of our group in maybe   "forever"

A lot of good points raised.  The steering committee, I believe will go far in the health and wellness of the group.
It was great seeing everyone again.
Happy Holidays.  Thanks Again to All;

And to all a Good Night.
Bill Inderrieden

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