[vcf-midatlantic] Post Festivus notes and questions

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Mon Dec 9 18:42:27 EST 2019

> When mentioning the nice new Processor poster on Saturday I'd like to note that a
> visitor said it was pretty but was so small it was impossible to read. While he
> was older than I am I have to agree that I'd need really good glasses to see the
> processors. 2 suggestions, if we can we may want to see if we can get brighter
> lighting on posters and perhaps some way of magnifying the poster. BTW, the
> poster is very cool.

I'm all for better lighting in our hallway! We'll see what can be done 

> On the subject of conservation do we have a guide?
We don't. Hopefully one of these days.

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