[vcf-midatlantic] Festivus Thank You everyone to another successful year!

Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Wed Dec 11 13:35:10 EST 2019

Thanks to all the 60+ people that showed up to Festivus!
It is a labor of love to create this event for everyone and enjoy
It was the largest gathering we have had.
Even the Americorps volunteers had fun joining us with food and games, and
Cards Against Humanity.
Thank you to Andy, Dmitry, Tony and others helping to setup at the
Thank you Ian for all the effort in bringing and setting up the vintage
Thank you Christian and many others for helping me cleaning up.
I was pleasantly surprised to find that by 5PM, 95% of the cleanup was done.
I got out of there by 6PM!
It made my job a lot easier to have so many hands pitching in.
Thanks to Bernie S for cooking the Perogies.
Thanks to Jonthan for helping me cooking. It was extreme cooking on a
vintage grill! ;)
Thanks to Adam and Tony for setting up the VCF sell pile. VCF received lots
of donations from everyone and that will help support projects in the
I hope that everyone got a chance to see the improvements in the museum, if
not, then maybe at the next workshop.
I was glad that the 12 sales tables worked out for everyone.
Thanks to Christian Liendo for sharing the Commodore Amiga video and
showing to us.
The quick announcement turned town meeting was a great way for everyone to
tell us ideas, ask questions and tell us what's on your minds. Let us know
if you want us to again next year or a different time of year. Lots of
great input.
The Sunday breakfast at the OB diner worked out well. We will do it again
next year.
Please let me know what you liked, and if you want to suggest improvements,
then e-mail me privately. I'm always looking for constructive criticism.

Next workshop is January 25 & 26 at InfoAge in the CDL building.
VCF East is April 24, 25, 26.

I hope to see everyone again soon and that we all have a great 2020!

Jeff Brace
Vice President
Vintage Computer Federation

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