[vcf-midatlantic] Post Festivus notes and questions

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Thu Dec 12 14:29:10 EST 2019

 > When mentioning the nice new Processor poster on Saturday I'd like to
 > note that a visitor said it was pretty but was so small it was
 > impossible to read.

Lots of discussion about a magnifier, reading glasses, etc. for a large 
poster with tiny print, which resides outside the VCFed InfoAge museum. 
I retain the subject-line for continuity.

I think the primary point of the poster in-place, is to suggest the 
extensive history. Not to document every bit for every visitor who is 
interested. While magnifiers and better lighting have merits, I have 
additional suggestions.

1) Post nearby, a Web link, maybe also a QRL-code or whatever-the-hell 
they call those blocky-things that 'phones can scan, to the Web site of 
the producer of the poster. If the Museum is producing a take-away 
document for visitors, include a reference there.

2) If said poster is of interest, perhaps the Museum can offer some for 
sale? For the usual reasons museums do that.

3) Make available to docents (or whatever VCFed calls museum volunteers 
on duty), a form of the poster in larger type, in booklet form. Those 
interested can request a look at the booklet for detailed reading.  This 
may also encourage sales of the poster. I presume, the effort to 
enlarge, paginate and print one copy is not onerous. The Museum has a 
color printer; I presume a PDF of the poster is available.

All this said:

this poster is not the product of the VCFed, it's an item bought for 
display and for purpose. But let's "feed the hungry bee". If visitors 
show interest in the item, the VCFed might consider making copies 
available, provide a more readable version on-site, and glean income 
from doing so.

As for a magnifier, they and a string are available for some few 
dollars. But they could become a nuisance for any kid that wants to use 
it as a tether-ball. I think my suggestions are accommodations which 
serve the purpose; plus offer revenue and/or take-homes for visitors.

My several cents,
Herb Johnson

Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey in the USA
http://www.retrotechnology.com OR .net
preserve, recover, restore 1970's computing

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