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  First let me say Happy Holidays to everyone here on the list.

Many of you know me as the Apple-1 guy, but I’m actually the Treasurer and a founder of the Vintage Computer Federation along with Evan Koblentz and Jeff Brace.  I was the one who personally worked with our attorney and accountant to get our 501c3 charity status which has benefited the hobby tremendously and allowed us to give back more to the community.

Over the years a great many changes have taken place at VCFed.  We have expanded our activities beyond the mid-atlantic area to directly host shows in Seattle and Silicon Valley.  We have brought on new board members and merged with other organizations such as taking over Erik Klein’s vintage-computer.com <http://vintage-computer.com/> website forums, the largest and most active vintage computer forum on the internet.  We have though our outreach worked with museums and other vintage computer shows around the world.

For those of you who do not visit our governance page at vcfed.org <http://vcfed.org/>,  I’d like to briefly reintroduce our board of directors.   

Erik Klein - Many of you already know Erik, he lives in Silicon Valley and was one of the early founders of our hobby and of the vintage computer community.   Erik is also the show runner for VCF West at the Computer History Museum in MountainView California.

Mike Brutman - If you are a member of the PCjr community or frequent the VCFed.org <http://vcfed.org/> forums you know Mike.  Mike is also the author of the most popular TCP/IP application for DOS (mTCP).   Mike lives in the Seattle area and is the show runner for VCF Pacific Northwest at the Living Computer Museum in Seattle.

Dag Spicer - For those really interested in the history of vintage computers, you will know Dag from his role as senior curator at the Computer History Museum in MountainView California.  Dag’s extensive experience and knowledge have helped us really step up our game.

Jeff Brace - If you have been to a workshop, you know Jeff.   Jeff lives near Infoage in NJ and basically organizes and runs all our workshops at InfoAge and has been the main project manager for VCF East for the past few years.  

I am also a member of the board.

If you want to learn more about the board members and our experience, please visit http://vcfed.org/wp/about/governance/ <http://vcfed.org/wp/about/governance/> 

Recently VCFed began the process to make a major change to how the activities at InfoAge are run by instituting a steering committee.  

This committee comprised of local VCF members will allow us to grow beyond one person making all the decisions about the museum and warehouse.  The committee is currently working on their charter and governance rules which will allow the membership to be more involved in the decision making processes.   We announced the committee at our Festivus party earlier this month.  I do believe it is the intention of the steering committee to begin the migration process to have elections for positions by this time next year.  They are currently working on their bylaws and mission statement, but have already taken over many of the day to day activities at the museum and warehouse since they were generally the people who were performing these tasks anyway.

I will introduce one member here, Dean Notarnicola who is the chairman of the new Steering Committee.  Dean will be sending an introduction email out to everyone explaining the new committee in more details.

Thank you and have a very happy holiday…
corey cohen
uǝɥoɔ ʎǝɹoɔ
Vintage Computer Federation, a federal 501c3 designated charity
corey at vcfed.org

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