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corey cohen coreyvcf at gmail.com
Thu Dec 19 14:41:41 EST 2019

In my earlier email I mentioned the creation of a new VCFed steering committee managing the museum and the collection at InfoAge. Some of you have asked about Evan’s role in this transition.   Evan has chosen to leave his official role at the Vintage Computer Federation.  

As a founder of our group we had hoped that Evan would continue in his role as Executive Director of the VCFed organization and as a member of the steering committee.  Evan has chosen to not be a part of this new organization.

We all recognize that, without Evan, there would likely not have been a VCF East.  He was also responsible for so many of the artifacts in our collection that might have gone to the scrapper instead of being saved for future generations to appreciate and understand.  Evan has been critical in getting out the word on our community and has been the “social media” face of VCFed.   Evan has contributed so much more to our group and our hobby that it would be impossible to list it all.  It is my hope that Evan will finally be able to enjoy attending VCF East instead of running it and that he will be able to exhibit his Lego robots there for us all to enjoy.

We will miss Evan as we move VCFed to this new management structure and thank him for his years of service.  We also would like to thank you, the members, as well for your understanding as we move forward with our commitment to being the world’s best grass roots forum for computer collectors and enthusiasts from around the world. 

Thank you,

corey cohen
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