[vcf-midatlantic] VCF Mid-Atlantic Steering Committee

Dean Notarnicola dnotarnicola at gmail.com
Thu Dec 19 21:55:26 EST 2019

As some of you already are aware from Corey's previous email and the
Festivus announcement, VCF has formed a new governance and operations
steering committee.

This committee will be operating under a set of principles laid out in a
charter that is under development and will be circulated to the list
membership before the end of the year. With this new committee, our goal is
to operate efficiently, openly and for the best interest of VCF, its
membership and our visitors.

The overarching goal of the committee is the care and maintenance of VCF-MA
facilities and artifacts, in accordance with VCF’s overall mission of
preservation and education. As well, we aim to operate as transparently as
possible, communicating on a regular basis, as well as soliciting feedback,
advice and critiques from our membership.

The committee will initially consist of five members (four until we fill a
currently vacant seat), including myself as committee chairman. At least
two of these seats will come up for election next year, and we will invite
the membership to nominate candidates at that time. For those of you
unfamiliar, I'd like to introduce them to you here. They have all been
active and significant contributors to VCF and will contribute even more in
the coming year.

Andrew Diller (andrew.diller at vcfed.org) is a technology professional living
in Philadelphia, working for a large telecom firm while trying to balance
family life and his obsession with Silicon Graphics workstations. He is
committed to increasing member involvement in VCF events.

Adam Michlin (adam.michlin at vcfed.org) serves as the Director of Technology
and Computer Science Teacher at Golda Och Academy in West Orange, NJ and as
an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Drew University in Madison, NJ.
His interests in vintage computers are wide and varied, but his primary
missions are to educate the next generation about vintage computers and to
teach the world how to program in 6502 assembly.

Tony Bogan (tony.bogan at vcfed.org) is a fourth generation boat captain at
Bogan's Deep Sea Fishing Center in Brielle, NJ. His introduction to
computers started in the late 70's with the arrival of his first Apple II,
and his passion for vintage computers started when he attended his first
VCF East in 2014 and realized his first computers, like himself, were now
"vintage." He has been an active VCF member and museum docent for almost 6
years, during which time he has committed himself to expanding and
improving the VCF museum, VCF as a whole, and the public's involvement with
and interest in vintage computing.

Dean Notarnicola (dean.notarnicola at vcfed.org) is Director of Solutions
Architecture for Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. in Basking Ridge, NJ. His vintage
computing background began in 1979 when he purchased a TRS-80 Model I for
his 14th birthday, and his passion for vintage computers has continued ever
since. Dean first joined VCF (formerly MARCH) in 2014 and joined the local
chapter board in 2016.

As mentioned above, we would like to hear any comments, concerns, questions
and suggestions. Please feel free to email any or all of us directly.

We have some ambitious projects lined up this year that we hope will
improve the quality of the museum experience for everyone. To help do so,
we sincerely ask for everyone's help and input. We have a great team, but
what we can accomplish is nothing compared to what we can all do together.
We look forward to a great year.

Dean Notarnicola
Committee chair, VCF-MA
dean.notarnicola at vcfed.com

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