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On Fri, Dec 20, 2019 at 11:26 PM Bryan Pope via vcf-midatlantic <
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> By the tone of the email as you say "we move VCFed to this new management
> structure" makes it sound like he was forced out because of his
> disagreement with said "new management structure"..  And you ask "for your
> understanding" as you steamroll this whole new structure in..
> Both of these emails are out of the blue, without any prior notification to
> us plebes..

Bryan you know me. You know my personality and what I have done for VCF:
co-ran VCF East for the past few years, organized Festivus and repair
workshops for the past few years, organized TCF, Maker Faire and HOPE
exhibits for VCF. You know that I have volunteered with this organization
for 11 years alongside Evan. You also know Evan's personality as well. I am
a straight shooter and I tell it like it is. I can tell you that Evan
resigned suddenly and without warning based on an emotional response. He
told no one before he did it and it was a surprise to everyone that he did
it, *and* he did it publicly. In no way was he forced out. In fact the
steering committee bent over backwards to listen to him and accommodate his
opinions and desires.  He had an equal voice and vote in the new steering

I can also tell you that this isn't the first time that Evan quit in the
past year. It was the third time. The first two times he did it privately
and we allowed him time to cool off, apologize and come back. We
accommodated him, explained things to him and allowed him to be heard.
Basically he saw things through his own lens and not that of others. We
didn't want him to depart because we would lose his experience and devotion
of vintage computers and VCF.

He did some good things for the organization, but like many founders, he
found it difficult to adapt to changes as the organization grew bigger and
needed rules, structure and organization. These are things that Evan
abhorred. It was fine as a startup like MARCH, but not now.

I can tell you that the guys running the steering committee are smart,
motivated and mature. I love them being part of the planning. The changes
Corey and I have done in the museum the last few months has made it come
alive. I'm excited to have growth, development and focus in the museum and
look forward to the new direction of Vintage Computer Federation.

> *sigh*
> Bryan
> On Thu, Dec 19, 2019 at 2:41 PM corey cohen via vcf-midatlantic <
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> > In my earlier email I mentioned the creation of a new VCFed steering
> > committee managing the museum and the collection at InfoAge. Some of you
> > have asked about Evan’s role in this transition.   Evan has chosen to
> leave
> > his official role at the Vintage Computer Federation.
> >
> > As a founder of our group we had hoped that Evan would continue in his
> > role as Executive Director of the VCFed organization and as a member of
> the
> > steering committee.  Evan has chosen to not be a part of this new
> > organization.
> >
> > We all recognize that, without Evan, there would likely not have been a
> > VCF East.  He was also responsible for so many of the artifacts in our
> > collection that might have gone to the scrapper instead of being saved
> for
> > future generations to appreciate and understand.  Evan has been critical
> in
> > getting out the word on our community and has been the “social media”
> face
> > of VCFed.   Evan has contributed so much more to our group and our hobby
> > that it would be impossible to list it all.  It is my hope that Evan will
> > finally be able to enjoy attending VCF East instead of running it and
> that
> > he will be able to exhibit his Lego robots there for us all to enjoy.
> >
> > We will miss Evan as we move VCFed to this new management structure and
> > thank him for his years of service.  We also would like to thank you, the
> > members, as well for your understanding as we move forward with our
> > commitment to being the world’s best grass roots forum for computer
> > collectors and enthusiasts from around the world.
> >
> > Thank you,
> > Cheers,
> > Corey
> >
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