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Mon Dec 23 06:12:51 EST 2019

FWIW  - a regular Mega ST keyboard works with the STE ..  and looks more
correct for the ST aesthetic (slanted function keys).  Unfortunately I
don’t have a kB to donate but Bill reach out to me if you need me to open
up my Mega STE for pictures or multimeter numbers on a part or similar..

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> Hi Everyone,
> As many of you know, I do a lot of work in maintaining the VCF Warehouse
> at InfoAge in Wall, NJ.
> I want to address some changes in process in the Warehouse.
> 1. As you know, we are more frequently varying the "Featured Artifact"
> in the museum. These changes are by Steering Committee decision (and
> you, please make suggestions!), not just me, but I store the unused
> featured artifacts in the Warehouse. We had a Canon Cat on display, we
> now have a BeBox on display and I am pleased to share that the Canon Cat
> is now safely stored in a double sealed plastic container in the
> Warehouse and the BeBox also has an equivalent plastic container. All
> featured artifacts will be stored in this manner for safety,
> cleanliness, and ease of more frequent rotation.
> 2. Going forward, if you donate an item that can fit in a reasonably
> sized plastic container, we will provide one. If you donate an IBM/360
> (please!), we make no promises about plastic containers but are looking
> at other solutions.
> 3. There will be a new policy for checking out items from the Warehouse
> to work on them. Please understand, we are not able to just hand out
> anything to anyone, but there will be a process in place to request
> items and the decision will be made by the Steering Committee (again,
> not just me).
> Related to point 2, if you clean one of VCF's computers,  it will be put
> back in the warehouse in a *sealed* container (big iron not necessarily
> included). The inaugural item for this new policy is our Atari MEGA STe
> which has been checked out for repair by member Bill Lange. Speaking of
> which, does anyone have a keyboard for said Atari they want to donate to
> us? We hope it will be a very near future Featured Artifact when we get
> it working!
> 4. Remember that Canon Cat? It will shortly be going on loan for display
> by mutual agreement at Bill Degnan’s Kennett Classic Vintage Computer
> Gallery <https://www.kennettclassic.com/> in Kennett Square, PA. Any
> organization will now be able to request a loan of an artifact for
> display and all loans will be assessed and approved by Steering
> Committee vote. It is our goal to get the amazing artifacts in the
> Warehouse out for public viewing in both our museum and other locations.
> 5. We are working on plastic bins in the Warehouse to both organize and
> protect artifacts and will be shortly asking for assistance in various
> sections to make this a reality. The Apple section is almost complete
> thanks in large part to the assistance of Tony Bogan. We will also be
> assessing all artifacts including removing any previously missed dreaded
> batteries as necessary as part of this process.
> Any and all suggestions about the Warehouse can be sent to me and/or the
> entire Steering Committee.
> Best wishes,
>           -Adam
>          adam.michlin at vcfed.org
>          amichlin at swerlin.com
>          amichlin at gmail.com

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