[vcf-midatlantic] School Preparation for Visiting a Computer Museum

Bill Degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Mon Dec 23 19:47:51 EST 2019

We sell Hackers at the shop, along with a few of the photo survey/coffee
table books, Ceruzzi's "A History of Modern Computing", David Greelish's
"Historically Brewed:, and Nadeau's "Collectible Microcomputers".

The biggest seller is Historically Brewed, Hackers, and A History of Modern
Computing.  All three target a different audience but together they are a
nice collection of books that cover the spectrum.

We'd sell Evan's portables book if he fronted a few copies :-)


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> Looking for suggestions of Movies/YouTubes/Articles/Books to prepare high
> school students for a visit to our computer museum(s)
> I'll start with a few of my favorites, and looking for more suggestions
> 1)  Hidden Figures (book and movie)
> 2)  Steve Jobs (book and movie)
> 3) Triumph of the Nerds
> ...
> N)  War Games
> Bob Roswell
> broswell at syssrc.com
> 410-771-5544 ext 4336
> https://museum.syssrc.com

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