[vcf-midatlantic] Old AT power supplies - how to test?

John Heritage john.heritage at gmail.com
Sat Dec 28 10:05:44 EST 2019

Hey folks,

I have a couple of old DOS/Win98 (OS/2) era systems that I came across, and
they both have AT PSUs I want to check out before powering on for the first

I was thinking before powering on:

- Open the PSU
- Air spray the PSU
- Look for obvious signs of failure - capacitor leakage, burnt PCB, burnt

If all looks OK - do these require a load, or can I at least test basic
voltage with no load?

I do have heat resistors (used to balance out ATX PSUs for a 3D Printer)
that I believe I can plug in on the 5V or 12V rails and test voltage there..

How much testing should I do / what do you recommend?


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