[vcf-midatlantic] several things

Jeffrey Jonas jeffrey.scott.jonas at gmail.com
Mon Dec 30 06:15:19 EST 2019

Happy New Year to all

1) My Microsoft Trackball Explorer Mouse 1.0 just shattered.
Does anyone have a spare?

2) an interesting looking gadget:
I don't want to sound like an advertisement but we all love gadgets and tools.
At $16.90, this watchband-o-many-tools looks interesting
but I'm unsure how practical it is vs.a multitool or Swiss Army knife:


3) DVD-R are NOT archival.
My spindle of "Playo" DVD-R fail verification immediately after burning.
Others have bit-rot.
I vaguely recall a file system format with error checking
and redundancy to compensate for that,
if one had the foresight to record in that format.
What are the "best practices"
other than making 2-3 copies on different brands?

-- Jeff Jonas

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