[vcf-midatlantic] Museum/workshop report

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Sun Feb 10 21:39:49 EST 2019

I was tour guide in the museum for two or three hours today. There was 
only two sets of two visitors each, but they were GOOD visitors! First a 
man and woman in their 20s who wanted a full tour, and then two guys in 
their 40s/50s who said they work in IT and also wanted a full tour + 
stuck around for a discussion with Drom about the UNIVAC. Best part: all 
four of them said they visited IA specifically to see our part. The 
20-somethings said they're from Philly and found us by Googling for 
where to see old computers.

Brace and I spent about 30 minutes practicing PDP-8 front panel entry. 
We each got chase-the-lights working on our own (no tech support calls 
to Gesswein or anyone else this time) ... first time for that! Felt good 
to reach that milestone. Next time we'll try to load a program from 
paper tape, per DG's instructions.

Personal comment: if you'd told me a year ago that I would ever feel 
totally comfortable using the front panel on HP and DEC minicomputers, 
demoing memory diagnostics on the UNIVAC, and (as of yesterday) starting 
to feel some kind of comprehension in 6502 assembly ... I might not have 
believed you. Thank you Mike L, DG, Drom, Adam, etc. for encouraging 
this former English major that I too could learn such things. Thinking 
in octal and understanding about opcodes!? What's happening to me??

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