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Mon Feb 11 15:11:41 EST 2019

I hope all of this newfound knowledge is going in the docent wiki ;p

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> I was tour guide in the museum for two or three hours today. There was
> only two sets of two visitors each, but they were GOOD visitors! First a
> man and woman in their 20s who wanted a full tour, and then two guys in
> their 40s/50s who said they work in IT and also wanted a full tour +
> stuck around for a discussion with Drom about the UNIVAC. Best part: all
> four of them said they visited IA specifically to see our part. The
> 20-somethings said they're from Philly and found us by Googling for
> where to see old computers.
> Brace and I spent about 30 minutes practicing PDP-8 front panel entry.
> We each got chase-the-lights working on our own (no tech support calls
> to Gesswein or anyone else this time) ... first time for that! Felt good
> to reach that milestone. Next time we'll try to load a program from
> paper tape, per DG's instructions.
> Personal comment: if you'd told me a year ago that I would ever feel
> totally comfortable using the front panel on HP and DEC minicomputers,
> demoing memory diagnostics on the UNIVAC, and (as of yesterday) starting
> to feel some kind of comprehension in 6502 assembly ... I might not have
> believed you. Thank you Mike L, DG, Drom, Adam, etc. for encouraging
> this former English major that I too could learn such things. Thinking
> in octal and understanding about opcodes!? What's happening to me??

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