[vcf-midatlantic] Parts available / FS

David Hoelzer dhoelzer at enclaveforensics.com
Fri Feb 15 14:00:12 EST 2019

Hello there-

I'm continuing my ambitious cleaning out project and have the following 
available for reasonable offers, if anyone is interested:

SGI O2 plastic body.  If you've owned an SGI, you know the plastic is 
notoriously fragile.  This is the complete greenish/bluish body that 
fits over the chassis.

Pile of about 100 SSDD, DSDD, DSHD 5.25 floppies.  Could be a few more, 
could be a few less.  I'm just guestimating.

Box full of 3.5 DSDD and DSHD floppies.. Looks to be approximately 60+ 

8" soft sectored double density floppy.  I put Pickles & Trout CPM on 
this in 2015 for a TRS-80 Model II that has since found a new home.

Fully functional (at last powerup, which is about 2 years now) Apple IIc 
with internal 5.25 and a very rare external high density 3.5 drive.  
There are many, many 3.5 drives out there that work with most IIc 
computers, but this one took me years to find and sells for 100+ when 
you can find it.  The power supply for the IIc is not original and, in 
fact, is sort of a frankenstein's monster, so you'll want to replace 
that.  I'm pretty sure there are a variety of IIc programmer books in 
the box with it, but it's tucked away at the moment, so I'm working from 
memory.  I don't think they have value, they're just a couple of nice 
additional pieces that come with it.

Commodore Pet 8032.  This is in complete but not currently functional 
condition.  I did a great deal of work on this a few years ago, got it 
up and running and then found some shorts, which turned out to be from 
acid core solder that someone used previously to work on it.  I didn't 
have the energy to work on it again, which will require desoldering the 
SRAM and ROM chips, cleaning the board, repairing one trace, and putting 
everything back in.  There is also a 1001 floppy drive (I might have 
that number wrong.. .It's the IEEE bus high density 5.25 drive that was 
pretty rare back in the day, though there were enough that a few 
survived..  definitely less common than the 4040 and the 8050 drives).  
That drive was fully functioning when I packed it up about 3 years ago.

No reasonable offers refused.  I've sold/given stuff to a few of you in 
the past, so they can vouch for me always wanting to be fair about the 
value of stuff.  I'm on the very far eastern end of Long Island (Shelter 
Island, in fact), though I am willing to drive a (reasonable) distance 
to meet anyone who is interested. The distance I will travel is 
commensurate with the number of things you want to obtain. :)

David Hoelzer
Chief of Operations
Enclave Forensics, Inc.

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