[vcf-midatlantic] Silverball Arcade - VCF East 2019 after Saturday dinner

Ethan O'Toole telmnstr at 757.org
Thu Feb 21 09:41:50 EST 2019

> I'm organizing a group that want to go to the silverball arcade for an hour
> after the Saturday dinner.
> I've arranged for a 20% discount if we get a group of 10 or more people.
> We will meet at around 9:15pm on 5/4 after the Saturday dinner.
> If you are interested, then send me a private email.

Just an hour!? That place is worth 4 at least :-)

Fun story, before I made my trek to my first VCF East event I plugged 
Infoage into Google maps. I zoomed out a bit to look for nearby hotels, 
and then see this text "Pinball Museum."

I play in a pinball league, own four pinball machines at home and some 12 
arcade games and have repaired a good number more. I do arcade tourism 
when I travel. At that point I had not heard of the Silverball Museum. I 
was totally caught off guard when I saw the text on the map. "What is 
this?? As a pinball hobbyist for years how does this exist and I not know 
about it??" I thought. So I made it a point to sneak over there inbetween 
other festivities. What a surprise! It's a great facility with an awesome 
lineup and killer environment. Last time I was there they had a Cactus 
Canyon but it has a mod on it where it kicks off with Aliens versus 
Cowboys (Attack from Mars aliens) and it plays Skrillex "Bangarang." 
That surprised me.

Over the summer I went to Florida to visit friends/family and get some 
SCUBA diving in at Key Largo (washed out) and Jupiter Florida. I visited 
the awesome Arcade Odyssey in south Miami and of course Silverball Museum 
in Del Ray Beach. That's right! There is a sister venue that once again is 
totally awesome. I wore one of my Silverball Museum Asbury Park shirts to 
the Del Ray Beach location. It has a 2nd floor sort of thing with a 
catwalk around the top (open to lower floow), so it's a bit different. 
Similiar lineup in games (different games of course) and great history 
posted as well. I think I spent a good amount of time on some pitch and 
bat machines.

I believe I heard that the owner is planning to open a 3rd location.

I would happily join in the group buy but would plan to do unlimited 
or something. I don't know but in the past I think we usually got there 
quite a bit earlier than that.

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