Exhibit ideas - help needed to choose

W. Bryan Caudle bcaudle at ctsi.net
Thu Feb 21 15:26:25 EST 2019

Good afternoon!  I had recently joined this list and was interested in making some contribution to the exhibits at the upcoming VCF-East event.  I had a few ideas, and was hoping to get some feedback before applying.  

One thought was that I could contribute to the group Unix exhibit. It looks like there are a large variety of systems already on the list, but I could contribute my Tandy 12/6000 running Xenix and an SGI O2 running Irix.  I could also contribute a Wyse 60 and VT-220 terminal, some software, and publications (I have some of those giant SCO boxes full of books and stuff).

Another idea was a separate display highlighting some games running on business machines.  Imagine 2 or 3 terminals (maybe even a Decwriter) connected to VAX, PDP11, Xenix, etc running some text adventures and such.

Finally, I was thinking about a display centered around the 68000 CPU (40 years since introduction).  It would include many classic systems, and I have a whole library of 68000 family data books and developer materials.

Suggestions welcome, and if none of these ideas sound good I'm ok with that too :-)

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