[vcf-midatlantic] Exhibit ideas - help needed to choose

Andrew Diller dillera at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 22:07:24 EST 2019

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> Subject: Exhibit ideas - help needed to choose
> Date: February 21, 2019 at 3:26:25 PM EST
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> Another idea was a separate display highlighting some games running on business machines.  Imagine 2 or 3 terminals (maybe even a Decwriter) connected to VAX, PDP11, Xenix, etc running some text adventures and such.

I am also working on this- getting a MUD working on my SGI Personal Iris with a few terminals connected to it so people can login and play in the mud together.

If you have a cool terminal to bring put it on the list if you can bring it. 

I'm also planning on having some early unixs running via SIMH emulation on a mac and try connecting them to as many serial terminals as I can- having a display on the evoltion of unix will be of interest I think this year.


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