[vcf-midatlantic] Warehouse fun

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Mon Feb 25 22:58:25 EST 2019

> Thanks, again, Evan, for the fun at the warehouse last Thursday. As a neat
> freak with a love of vintage computer stuff, it was nearly perfect for me.

I hope more people follow your lead and come help us!

> There is a *lot* of stuff in the warehouse, but lots of it isn't museum
> quality and really shouldn't be there (how many broken TI-99/4a's does
> anybody really need?).

For clarification, everyone: Stephen was talking about our surplus rack, 
not the main collection. We aren't (anymore) in the business of keeping 
around junky systems.

> It was extremely satisfying sorting out the wheat from the chaff and organizing things into standard boxes on standard shelves and away from the random, waterlogged boxes people donated things in. All in all, this was a great experience. I highly recommend it if you can make the time

+1, thanks!!!

> The OCD part of me loved starting with a bunch of teetering piles of mismatched boxes on the floor and ending with all the boxes gone and replaced with newly assembled rolling shelving units. Speaking of which, I just bought a couple for myself.

Here's the exact model that we use, in case anybody else wants some or 
(better yet) wants to buy some for us:


(We appreciate offers of other shelving, but we choose to keep it all 
identical. Even a lot of brands that * look * the same aren't.)

> Also: consider what needs to happen when you donate something. Someone needs to sort through it, decide what, if anything, is worth keeping, and then figure out where to file it. If you really want to be generous, do some of that sorting yourself before you donate it. For example, floppies with personal data (e.g., pirated software) on them really aren't something anybody's interested in.

True. We no longer accept ANY personal disks.

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